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When you partner with OnSite Physio, you get state-of-the-art worksite wellness programs that are better and more efficient in every way.
Physical Rehab Services

Physical rehabilitation services that help workers return to work faster.

Fit For Work Assessment

Fit-for-work assessments and customized worker training to prevent injuries.

Workers' Comp Claim Simplified

Simplified workers’ comp claims management with dramatically lower associated costs.

Direct Communication

Regular, direct communication, so you know where you stand with every claim.


On-site rehabilitation generates efficiencies that translate into significant savings.

onsite physical therapy

  • Other therapy programs require injured workers to travel back and forth to an offsite clinic – an average of one and a half hours per session. We eliminate travel expenses and time by bringing treatment right to your worker, at the job site.
  • With OSP's on-site physical therapy services, your injured workers:
    • Never have to wait at a clinic for delayed appointments. 
    • Won't miss appointments or need extended treatment times.
    • Receive custom-tailored treatments for their job functions, dramatically reducing the chances of repeat injuries. 

All of which translates into your workforce getting back to work faster, and staying healthier, longer.

OnSite Physio's Mobile On-Demand Physical Therapy:
The Smart First Step in a Comprehensive Return-to-Work Program 

Nobody wants to be in pain. Your injured workers appreciate the opportunity to get better faster. With our innovative on-site physical therapy program, they get back to work faster because they come to work, get their treatment, and stay engaged with their job.  

Instead of wasting time on travel, they can be more productive if placed on light duty, or spend more time with family if they are recovering at home. These modest “little details” boost morale and job satisfaction.

After all — the name of the game is boosting employee retention rates, and lowering overall hiring costs. Sound good to you? Contact us now for a complimentary workplace consultation.