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Improved Physical Therapy Programs

Delivering medical care should not be restricted by time or space. The faster an injured worker is treated, the sooner he will return to work. That’s why our program is designed to bring physical and occupational therapy to the injured worker as quickly as possible – usually within 24 hours.

Introducing PT-TRIAGE

When a referral comes in, we analyze multiple factors real-time and use an advanced algorithm to rate the available treatment environments in the order we predict will produce the best clinical outcome. We then offer the injured worker the choice of time and location in accordance with what is best for him and the claim file. This collaborative approach promotes injured worker engagement and alters the trajectory of recovery to faster return to work.

Treat at Home
Treat in Clinic

PT-TRIAGE: the industry’s first solution for real-time routing of physical therapy referrals to the treatment environment most-likely to produce the best clinical outcome and fastest return to work.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Our clients report improvements in all of the following areas:

Visits per Referral  A measure of how effective the treatment is
Average Days in Treatment A measure of how efficiently we can provide the treatment and how fast we discharge the injured worker
Authorized Visits Saved per Referral A measure of utilization management (discharge at MMI or just run visits up to what’s authorized under Rx)
Discharges to Full, Light, Modified Duty  A measure of the outcomes we produce
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