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Industry-Leading Clinical Outcomes

PhysNet prides itself on producing industry-leading clinical outcomes. We are a data-driven company which means that we measure, analyze and make improvements constantly. We take extra steps, devote more resources, and lose sleep ensuring that our clients and their injured workers get the best possible service and care. We think about the quality of our outcomes along a greater number of benchmarks and stricter criteria. Each of our service lines has its own unique standards.

Physical Therapy

We measure and report clinical outcomes in four main ways:

Visits per Referral  This is a measure of how effective the therapy is. Fewer visits means faster return to work, lower overall claim cost, greater patient satisfaction.
Average Days in Treatment This measures how closely the treatment adheres to the prescribed plan of care, whether there is delay or disruption in therapy, and how quickly the patient returns to work.
Visits Utilized vs. Prescribed Visits We compare how many visits it took us to discharge a patient against what was prescribed by the physician. This is a critical measure of a provider’s utilization management.
Outcome at Discharge  This measures what percent of our patients return to work at discharge.

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Injury Prevention

We measure and report program ROI, employee engagement, and various other metrics as requested by the client.

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