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About Us

We are your working partner for state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation services, post-offer employment testing, and worksite injury prevention programs. Our end-to-end solutions result in a dramatic reduction in injuries, turnover, workers' compensation claims, and treatment expenses. We deliver superior clinical outcomes for injured workers and payors.

Our Mission

Be the premier provider of physical medicine services by offering individualized best-in-class care to patients, partnering with quality providers, providing excellent customer service, and delivering outstanding clinical outcomes.

PhysNet seeks to be the premier workers’ compensation claims and costs reduction partner to clients by leveraging a corporate culture built on the principles of clinical excellence, premier service, social responsibility, hard work, collaboration, mutual respect, and utmost integrity.

Our People

We manage the delivery of physical therapy and pre-loss services to workers’ compensation client-partners. Our employees range from physical therapists in the field to customer care professionals to sales personnel to finance and accounting specialists to systems engineers and program developers. We curate, create, and foster close relationships with mobile and clinic-based providers in the field with the strict goal of delivering the best services to our client-partners.

Collectively, we are dedicated to helping payers and employers reduce workers’ compensation claims and costs, prevent injuries, and reduce the likelihood that the next hire will turn out to be the next claim. We work collaboratively to ensure we’re communicating with you clearly and giving you the best possible service in every other way. We want you to think of us as a valuable working partner when it comes to workers’ compensation issues.

Our History

The Evolution of a New Treatment Model

Changing to Meet Client Needs

PhysNet began in 2005 in South Florida, providing mobile physical and occupational therapy services to a select group of local clients’ worksites. By delivering services to injured workers, we achieved a step-level reduction in utilization and increased visibility into the claim. In addition, we eliminated transportation costs and the inefficiency of an injured worker traveling to a clinic for therapy. Over time, we realized that not all injuries, injured workers, and circumstances lend themselves to treating exclusively at the worksite and have expanded our services to provide therapy at home and in clinics. Through this, we became the first refined end-to-end physical therapy solution in the industry which offers the ability to treat at work, at home, in a clinic or via telerehab.


PhysNet continued to grow with its loyal base of customers, expanding into new geographies and refining our unique capability. PT-TRIAGE was formally introduced in 2016 and has been rolled out with large payers and employers across the U.S. We believe that our type of solution – an individualized, engaging approach to treating an injured worker – is the future of physical therapy. We are very proud to partner with industry leaders to help transform and improve the status quo.

Rehab, Injury Prevention, and Benefits Management

Today, we are proud to provide exceptional physical/occupational therapy and other physical medicine services to injured workers throughout the U.S. In addition, we offer a range of testing and injury prevention services. We act as a comprehensive benefits manager for our clients. We partner with insurance carriers, third party administrators, employers, municipalities and non-profits. We treat every one of our clients as our partner and we care for the injured workers they entrust to us with the utmost respect, compassion, professionalism and efficiency. We provide white-glove service to all our clients and injured workers with whom we interact. That’s the difference we make to everyone with whom we have the pleasure of working.